Bring on Fall

I usually get sad when summer is near the end. Not this year! I’m welcoming fall with open arms. I had enough of the 30+ humid weather.  Bring on sweater weather, pumpkin spice everything and layers of blankets. Fall is my favourite season. The cool nights, beautiful colours of nature, wonderful and crisp smell of the season. … Continue reading Bring on Fall


Mixed Media Art loved by my heart and brain.

I’ve always loved doing Arts and crafts, but it took a few years before I found what I really love doing. Mixed media art is the my new found passion and my brain loves it too. I don’t have to focus as much compared to making cards. I don’t have to use any rulers or … Continue reading Mixed Media Art loved by my heart and brain.

Light therapy

I’m not talking about a light or heavy weight therapy . Light, as in lighting, therapy. What is that? It’s actually really interesting. Back in April, I was diagnosed with midline shift syndrome and post trauma vision syndrome. I started vision therapy treatments this summer. Dr Sue Burbine is the only specialized optometrist in New-Brunswick … Continue reading Light therapy